Athens, Greece

I was born at a very young age

There are many ways to begin a story. This is the beginning of ours.

Two years ago, Andrew spent 5 weeks of life in Jerusalem. In the midst of a city divided, a place of constant conflict and dissonance, he met a young Palestinian Christian who envisioned a new generation. A generation raised not in fear, not in hatred, but in the hope and forgiveness that comes with knowing Christ. This man was striving to make this vision a reality. And Andrew began to dream: what part could he play in this fight?

Two years ago, Ryan spent six weeks of life in the country of Zambia. In a small, dusty slum on the outskirts of Lusaka, there was a widow named Elina with a remarkable story of hope in a hopeless place. With incredible faith, few resources and four stone walls, Elina was striving to care for over 20 orphans, and the smiles on their small faces were a testament to God’s redemptive work in the midst of struggle. Here was a story worth telling. And Ryan began to dream: what part could he play in this fight?

In two separate places, we began to envision what it would be like if we took our passions, our giftings, and our callings, and used them to tell the stories of those lives around the world made beautiful by the power of the Gospel. This journey officially begins for us in two days, May 3rd, 2012. The half-filled suitcases and sundry travel gear littering our respective floors right now tell of both endings and beginnings: the end of the dreaming, support raising, planning and vision casting and the beginning of the journey itself. This first chapter will take us to Athens, Greece where we will be working with an outreach ministry to the many refugees that flood the city looking for a new life.

For now, that’s all we’ll say. Welcome to the journey.

-Ryan and Andrew


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