Andrew Nicodem and Ryan Gilles, photographers and journalists with International Teams.


For the next 15 months we will be serving around the globe as workers for International Teams, seeking to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God. As we spend time at each of the many ministries (roughly 10 ministries, around 1-2 months per ministry) our goal is twofold:

1) At each ministry we come alongside, we desire to be the very real hands and feet of Christ. Meaning, the first role we have is that of a Servant. Every place we go is an opportunity for us to offer help where there is a need, encouragement where it is lacking, and a fresh set of hands to serve the ministries and those they are ministering to. We want to be used to bring relief and respite for the weary, to throw ourselves completely into each team we partner with.

2) And out of a life lived in each of those communities, out of the relationships built from working side by side with the ministries, out of a personal knowledge of how God is at work in the lives they are ministering to, we hope to use the talents that God has given us in writing and photography to tell their stories. Meaning, the second role we have is that of an Advocate. Stories of how God is at work in and through the global ministries of International Teams; stories of lives changed by the Gospel; stories of hope in places the world has given up hope on; stories of need in places the world has stopped hearing; these are the stories we hope to write. We want to give a voice to the voiceless.

We’re calling this project “Naming the World” not because we have the audacity to assume that without us these ministries and the lives they are serving fail to have a name or inherent worth, but rather because they do already have beautiful stories and if they can but be told, hearts will be changed. And where heart change begins, so too does action. We want to bridge the gap between not knowing, and therefore not being involved, to having a personal relationship with, and therefore desiring to get involved.


Two years ago, we began to ask the question of how God can use ALL of us, our love of people, our gifts of encouragement and empathy, our desire to serve those who are forgotten, and our talents in writing and photography. This dream began in two very separate hearts, and through God’s ingenuity, became a reality. We hope that the stories we write and the images we capture will be read and seen by people around the world and will bring encouragement to those who need a reminder that God is alive and at work around the world, and a challenge to get involved in that work.

While we’re overseas, we will be blogging our stories and photos, and giving links and updates here. What is required of you? Read the stories. See the lives. Tell others. And find ways to get involved.

With all of our hearts, for Christ and His Kingdom,

Andrew and Ryan


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  1. you guys are amazing. i am so glad i stumbled across your blog. i’ve already shared it with friends and have been really encouraged by your writing. keep up the great work, Ryan and Andrew!

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